Holy masses and announcements

Ordinary time

Date   Divine service
11:00 high mass in Swedish
2018-08-13 18:00 holy mass and Fatima devotion
2018-08-14 -- : -- no worship
2018-08-15 11:30 holy mass | Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary
2018-08-16 18:00 holy mass | 30 min before Rosary
2018-08-17 16:00 Eucharistic adoration untill mass
17:00 Rosary
17:30 Devotion to God's mercy | confession opportunity
18:00 holy mass
2018-06-16 10:00 holy mass
17:00 confession opportunity
18:00 holy mass (Swedish or English) | 30 min before Rosary
Date   Divine service
11:00 high mass in Swedish

Other announcements

Summertime Schedule

The mass in Polish at 9.30 will be resumed on September 2nd.

Diocese pilgrimage to Vadstena

On Suterday August 25th we will again pilgrime to Vadstena. Mor info you can find here.
Please leave a note of your interest on a list available in the Chapel.

Religious education

On Saturday, September 8th we begin a new seson of religious education, starting in 'Bosarp läger och kursgård'.
Parents willing to give their children proper christian education are kindly requested to contact f. Wojciech. All children and parents are welcome.

Religious education

First meeting 2018 September 8th

Group 1

young children from kindergarten
and students from class 0 and 1

Group 2

students prepering to First Communion
class 2 and 3

f. Wojciech Waligorski
Christian prayer (in Swedish)

Group 3

students after First Communion
class 3 and 4

Group 4

students after First Communion
class 5 to 6

Joanna Stencel – Zielinska

We will meet the following Saturdays in the fall

Important information for parents about the Catholic Church in Sweden:

The holy see Catholic Diocese of Stockholm Katolska Pedagogiska Nämnden (KPN) Vatican Radio

Contact us

Our Lady of Fatima parish

with chapelry in:

Our Lady of Fatima parish

Lindesnäsvägen 2b
371 45 Karlskrona
tel. 0455 - 228 51

How to find us?

Driving from the north follow the signs to the hospital and when you reach the street "Gamla Infartsvägen" search Lindesnäs road sign.

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Bankgiro: 815-6085

f.Wojciech Waligorski

Parish priest (Karlskrona)
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